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 addExternalNode, Events
 addListener, Events
 alert, JavaScript
 broadcast, Events
 broadcastCompletionEvent, LoadItem
 broadcastExternalEvent, Events
 broadcastJavaScriptEvent, Events
 calculateTotalMilliseconds, TimeObject
 checkJavaScriptEnvironment, JavaScript
 convertData, LoadItem
 coreClass, Introspection
 CoreData, CoreData
 CoreObject, CoreObject
 create, BNMAPI
 createBoolean, XMLs
 createByte, XMLs
 createDataFromNode, XMLs
 createInteger, XMLs
 createLoad, LoadManager
 createMethod, XMLs
 createNewFIFOBuffer, LoadManager
 createNumber, XMLs
 createObject, XMLs
 createString, XMLs
 createThread, ThreadManager
 createUnsigned, XMLs
 createXML, XMLs
 DateObject, DateObject
 debug, Introspection
 deRegisterExternalNode, Events
 destroyThread, ThreadManager
 disable, Thread
 disableDebug, Introspection
 enableDebug, Introspection
 ErrorBroadcast, ErrorBroadcast
 Exception, Exception
 execute, Thread
 executeThreads, ThreadManager
 externalSecurityCheck, Events
 findThread, ThreadManager
 fromDollarString, CoreData
 fromHexString, CoreData
 fromHexValue, CoreData
public function addExternalNode (externalEvent: Object):void
Adds a node to the list of available nodes for external event calls via the LocalConnection object.
public function addListener(listener: Function,
event: String,
... args):Object
Adds a listener to the listener stack to be called whenever an event, denoted by the string message, is broadcast.
public function alert (alertMessage: *,
... args):void
Creates a JavaScript `alert` box if JavaScript is available in the current runtime environment.
public function BNMAPI ()
Constructor method for this class instance and for the entire API class chain.
public function broadcast (eventObj: Object,
... args):Array
Broadcasts an event to all listeners.
public function broadcastCompletionEvent(... args):void
Broadcasts the “LoadItem.COMPLETE” event when a load is ready to report that it has fully completed.
public function broadcastExternalEvent (externalEvent: Object):void
Broadcasts an external event to all listening clients using the LocalConnection object.
public function broadcastJavaScriptEvent (externalEvent: Object):void
Broadcasts an external event to all listening clients using the ExternalInterface object.
private function calculateTotalMilliseconds():void
Calculates the total milliseconds from the appropriate class member variables.
public function checkJavaScriptEnvironment ():void
Checks the runtime environment for JavaScript availability as well as running some simple tests to determine what JavaScript functionality is available.
public function commit(... args):void
Commits the error broadcast by broadcasting to all listeners and/or displays the Flash error dialog.
public function commit()
Commits the exception by throwing an Error object.
private function convertData ():void
Converts data to the content object type based on the internal _type type.
public function coreClass(... value):Object
Returns the top-level or core class of the specified parameter object.
public function CoreData()
Constructor method for the class.
public function CoreObject()
The constructor method for the class.
public static function create ()
A static secondary constructor that can be used to non-destructively instantiate the API.
private function createBoolean(sourceXML: XML,
targetObject: *)
private function createByte(sourceXML: XML,
targetObject: *)
private function createDataFromNode(nodeRef: *,
parentObject: *):void
private function createInteger(sourceXML: XML,
targetObject: *)
public function createLoad (loadObject: Object):LoadItem
loadObject (Object, required): An object containing the parameters to be associated with the load item.
private function createMethod(sourceXML: XML,
targetObject: *)
public function createNewFIFOBuffer():FIFOBuffer
Creates a new FIFOBuffer for use with loads that need to retain sequencing.
private function createNumber(sourceXML: XML,
targetObject: *)
private function createObject(sourceXML: XML,
targetObject: *):Object
private function createString(sourceXML: XML,
targetObject: *)
public function createThread(threadObj: Object,
... parameters):Thread
Creates a Thread instance and assigns all of the associated parameters.
private function createUnsigned(sourceXML: XML,
targetObject: *)
private function createXML(sourceXML: XML,
targetObject: *)
public function DateObject(... args)
Creates a new DateObject instance.
public function debug(message: *,
... args):void
Sends a debug message to all registered listeners.
private function deRegisterExternalNode (nodeNum: int):void
De-registers an external node as a listener.
public function destroyThread(threadObj: Thread)
Destroys (removes) a running thread from the execution stack.
public function disable():void
Disables the thread from further execution.
public function disableDebug(eventObj: Object):void
Used to disable debugging messages via the debug method.
public function enableDebug(eventObj: Object):void
Used to enable debugging messages via the debug method.
public function ErrorBroadcast (sourceObject: *,
sourceMethod: Function,
... args)
Creates a new ErrorBroadcast instance.
public function Events ()
Constructor method for the class.
Constructor method for the class.
public function Exception (sourceObject: *,
sourceMethod: Function,
... args)
Creates a new Exception instance.
public function execute():void
Executes the thread instance, calling the targetted method with the specified parameters, and at the interval supplied.
private function executeThreads(eventObj: TimerEvent):void
Executes threads based on the provided execution model.
private function externalSecurityCheck(URL: String):Boolean
Method used for validity/security checking of URLs for LocalConnection connection attempts.
private function findThread(threadObj: Thread)
Finds a thread from the execution stack based on the supplied Thread object instance.
public function fromDollarString (inp: String):*
Converts a string from a dollar string (such as one that would be created by the toDollarString method) and creates a number out of it.
public function fromHexString(input: String):String
Converts the hexadecinal input string to its plain text value.
public function fromHexValue(input: String):Number
Converts the input number from its hexadecimal string representation to a number value.