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This is the bottom-most class in the BNMAPI chain.
Provides facilities for data checking and conversion for all types of Flash data types.
The CoreObject class is the top of the API trunk chain.
Stores dates, both absolute and relative, and calculates differences.
Used for reporting and broadcasting errors.
The Events class is the heart of the BNMAPI.
Used for reporting fatal errors that occur in an application.
The Introspection class is used to analyze, or “introspect”, a running application.
Provides extended JavaScript functionality for the BNMAPI above and beyond standard ExternalInterface functionality.
This is a pseudo-class, similar to a Model in an MVC configuration.
Manages the tracking, progress, and reporting for a single binary/data load.
Manages binary/data loads for the API.
Manages the execution of a single thread instance.
Manages the creation, destruction, and execution of thread instances.
Stores and automatically calculates time values for hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.
Provides facilities for dealing with XMLs-structured data.