This is the core interface for the BNMAPI.  It is included to provide absolutely essential method and member declarations for the API.  This interface is implemented by the CoreObject class directly, and may also be implemented by any other class appended to the API chain.


ActionScript 3.0 (or later)

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©opyright 2008 Bay New Media.  All rights, as stipulated in the The MIT License, are reserved.

This ActionScript library is licensed and released under the MIT License (  Please refer to the accompanying text file “license.txt”, which should be distributed with every package and version of this library, for information on usage, distribution, copying, and other important information.

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This class is commented using the NaturalDocs documentation system.  It is intended to be easily read both from the direct source code and from an adaptation that is generated as hyperlinked HTML.  The NaturalDocs specification used in this class’ documentation is version 1.35 though older versions may probably be used safely.  For more information, please visit:

The BNMAPI is officially available (primary sources) on Source Forge (, on the Bay New Media site (http;//, on the PeaBee project site (, and through the Bay New Media SVM repository server (visit for more information).  Downloads from other sources may not be complete or up-to-date.

If you’re interested in joining the BNMAPI project in any capacity (development, testing, distribution, etc.), please visit us on Source Forge or the Bay New Media web site.

The CoreObject class is the top of the API trunk chain.